The Ultimate iTunes Charting Package: Top 200


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Introducing our Exclusive iTunes Charting Package:

Elevate your music career to new heights with our comprehensive iTunes Charting Package. This all-inclusive offering ensures your single not only charts on the iTunes Music Charts but also qualifies you for an official iTunes Plaque, commemorating your success. Here’s what’s included:

Key Features:

  1. iTunes Chart Placement: Your single will chart on the iTunes Music Charts, placing in the Top 200, showcasing your music to a wider audience and boosting your credibility in the industry.
  2. iTunes Plaque Qualification: Achieving Top 200 status on the iTunes Music Charts earns you eligibility for an official iTunes Plaque, a prestigious recognition of your achievement.
  3. Personalized iTunes Music Plaque: Receive a custom-made iTunes Music Plaque featuring your name and your single’s information, delivered to your submitted address as a tangible symbol of your success.
  4. Media Exposure: Enjoy a TV interview on Urban Grind TV and a radio interview on Urban Grind Radio, providing additional exposure and visibility for your music.
  5. Radio Promotion: Benefit from one month of radio promotion on Urban Grind Radio, amplifying your reach and engaging listeners across the airwaves.
  6. Email Blast: Promote your music video to a targeted audience through a dedicated email blast, driving views and engagement.

For inquiries or to take advantage of this exclusive package, call us at 1-888-380-1913. Don’t miss this opportunity to propel your music career forward and achieve chart-topping success with Urban Grind TV.