Gold Music Video Package


Introducing the Gold Music Video Package:

Capture the essence of your music with our Gold Package, tailored for a one-day music video shoot in the vibrant city of Chicago. Here’s what this package includes:

  1. One-Day Shoot in Chicago: Immerse yourself in the dynamic backdrop of Chicago for a comprehensive one-day music video shoot.
  2. Gold Package Shoot Duration: Enjoy up to 3 hours of production time, ensuring efficient and focused filming for your music video.
  3. Media Exposure: Showcase your talent with a TV Interview on Urban Grind TV, allowing you to connect with your audience and share insights about your music.
  4. TV Promotion on Comcast Cable: Benefit from 4 weeks of TV promotion on Comcast Cable in Chicago, maximizing visibility and exposure for your music video.
  5. HD Video Production: Capture your performance in high-definition with our professional HD video production services, ensuring exceptional visual quality for your music video.
  6. Additional Travel Charge: Please note that any locations outside of Chicago will incur an additional travel charge.

Experience the magic of music video production with our Gold Package. Contact us today to bring your vision to life in the vibrant city of Chicago.