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Our Story
In our work we use professional equipment, sets of optics and lighting. We perform our work with Honor, Integrity and an Attention to Detail.

Urban Grind TV is a 27 x Award Winning Hip-Hop TV Show + Creative Agency located in Chicago, Illinois, founded by a Military Veteran. Urban Grind TV has been on Comcast Cable for the past 27 seasons/14 years producing a new 58 minute show every week featuring music, videos and interviews with artists and entertainers from all over the country. Our Creative Agency consults and supports small businesses, brands and entertainers in unique and innovative ways to brand themselves, grow their market share and protect their intellectual property…..

Our Services
Urban Grind TV provides High Quality Professional Services to our wide range of clients throughout the Music & Film Industry

We are interested in the highest quality results of our work and the full satisfaction of our clients. We know that professionalism, strict observance of deadlines, and positive reviews are the key to the successful further development of music and film projects.

  • Music Video Production
  • Television Interviews / Promotion
  • TV/Radio Commercials
  • Radio Interviews / Promotion
  • Film/Docu-series Production
  • Music Promotion: Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube etc.
  • Music Video Promotion: BET Jams, MTV Live, Vimeo & YouTube
  • ITunes Music Charting: Top 200, Top 100, Top 50 & Top 40
  • Music Royalty Registration – 12 Music Royalty Registrations per song.
  • Spotify: Playlists & Promotion
Our Outlets
Our Media Outlets include RokuTV, Amazon FireTV, Comcast Cable, WoW Cable, RCN Cable, IHeartMedia, Spotify, Apple Music, Vimeo & Vevo.

Urban Grind TV is broadcast every Wednesday and Friday night at 11pm on Comcast, RCN and WoW Cable Channel 25 in Chicago. Urban Grind TV is also available on-demand on RokuTV and Amazon FireTV both on the Urban Grind TV channels. Urban Grind TV can also be streamed on YouTube, Vimeo and Vevo apps. Urban Grind Radio is available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and on UrbanGrindTV.com.

Our Brands
Urban Grind TV has multiple divisions including Urban Grind Radio, Urban Grind TV Management, UGTV Distro & UGTV Models to better serve the entertainment industry.

Urban Grind TV is broadcast in 27 countries to over 28 million people on our networks for the past 14 years featuring artists and entertainers across an array of genres. Urban Grind Radio is a weekly radio show that also is broadcast on Urban Grind TV and available on all podcast streaming apps. Urban Grind TV Management represents talent from new artists to legacy artists & athletes in the business across multiple genres. UGTV Distro offers worldwide music and video distribution to over 150 digital stores and streaming services across 100 + countries worldwide. UGTV Models is a Chicago-based modeling agency that provides models with casting opportunities in Television, Music Videos, Commercials and more.

Urban Grind TV has had a tremendous impact on the Chicago music scene and there was a need for a platform like Urban Grind TV before it was born.
AK of Do or Die, Musician
We know the best results come from bold ideas, collaboration, and refinement so we live by the motto, embrace the process. We enjoy what we do and we want you to too.
Wildstyle of Crucial Conflict, Musician
We know the best results come from bold ideas, collaboration, and refinement so we live by the motto, embrace the process. We enjoy what we do and we want you to too.
Jonathan ``Jaz-O`` Burks, Artist/Legend/Producer
Urban Grind TV is the BET of Chicago, they have been in the game holding down Chicago for the longest.
Delle Del, MC & Promoter