“Unlock Your Music Video’s Potential with the Gold Package: 8-10 Premier Platforms”

Elevate your music videos to the next level with our exclusive Gold Package, offering unparalleled exposure across 8-10 premier platforms. Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. VEVO: Showcase your music videos on a branded VEVO YouTube channel and be considered for featured artist slots, reaching millions of viewers.
  2. TIDAL: Stream your music videos on all TIDAL-compatible devices, ensuring maximum visibility to discerning audiences across mobile and desktop platforms.
  3. APPLE: Feature your music videos on Apple Music and list them for sale in the iTunes store under your artist catalog, expanding your reach and revenue potential.
  4. Facebook PMV: Engage audiences directly on artist pages with Personalized Music Videos (PMVs) in the Videos section of Facebook pages. (Available in the US only)
  5. VIMEO: Showcase your music videos on a dedicated Vimeo channel, offering a sophisticated platform for engagement and discovery.
  6. SPOTLIGHT: Shine a spotlight on your music videos, reaching engaged audiences eager to discover fresh visual content and captivating sounds.
  7. PROMO ONLY: Gain exclusive access to Promo Only, leveraging their extensive network to amplify your music videos to industry insiders and beyond.
  8. LATIDO MUSIC: Expand your global reach with Latido Music, connecting with audiences across diverse regions and cultures through your captivating music videos.
  9. BOOMPLAY: Access one of Africa’s fastest-growing music platforms and showcase your music videos to passionate viewers in booming markets.
  10. XITE: Deliver curated music video experiences to viewers worldwide on XITE, captivating audiences with your visually stunning content.

For inquiries or to take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity, call us at 1-888-380-1913. Elevate your music videos to new heights with the Gold Package today!