iTunes Charting Success Package Top 40:

Achieve unparalleled success with our iTunes Top 40 Package, designed to propel your music career to new heights. This comprehensive offering guarantees your single’s placement in the Top 40 on the iTunes Music Charts, qualifying you for an official iTunes Plaque to commemorate your achievement. Here’s what’s included:

  1. iTunes Chart Placement: Your single will soar to the Top 40 on the iTunes Music Charts, elevating your visibility and attracting a larger audience of listeners.
  2. iTunes Plaque Qualification: Upon reaching Top 40 status on the iTunes Charts, you’ll qualify for an official iTunes Plaque, personalized with your name and single information, and delivered to your submitted address.
  3. Radio Interview: Engage with your audience on Urban Grind Radio through an exclusive radio interview, sharing insights about your music and connecting with fans on a deeper level.
  4. Radio Promotion: Benefit from one month of strategic radio promotion on Urban Grind Radio, reaching thousands of listeners and generating buzz around your music.
  5. Spotify Campaign (Gold Package): Expand your reach with a targeted Spotify campaign reaching 20-25k listeners, boosting your presence on this influential platform.
  6. Email Blast: Amplify your music’s reach with a dedicated email blast featuring your music video, engaging your audience and fostering a loyal fan base.
  7. Music Video Promotion: Promote your music video on Urban Grind TV, gaining exposure to a wider audience and increasing views and engagement.

Don’t miss this opportunity to accelerate your music career with our iTunes Top 40 Package. Contact us today at 1-888-380-1913 to secure your spot among the industry’s elite!