Spotify Music Campaign Label Package


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This package is designed for Indie Label Launches for artists interested in growing their streaming buzz.

Get your songs heard by thousands of people. Grow your followers with the Spotify Campaign Label Package

  • GET PAID: We only run real campaigns to attract real people, so you continue to earn royalties for streams.
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Country and genre targeting. We’ll get your music heard by the right people.
  • FLEXIBLE PACKAGES: We have plans for the starting artist, for big agencies, and all in between.
  • REACH: 80-100k audience per campaign.
  • BONUS: Email blast of your Spotify link to our mailing list.
  • RADIO PROMO: Artist will receive 1 month of radio promotion on Urban Grind Radio. (clean edit)

All campaigns are based on a combination of native advertising, targeted blog outreach and track distribution to playlist curators. Our services fully comply with Spotify’s terms of service.