Introducing the Platinum Music Video Package:

Experience top-tier music video production with our Platinum Package, tailored for a one-day shoot in the vibrant city of Chicago. Here’s what this premium package includes:

  1. One-Day Shoot in Chicago: Immerse yourself in the dynamic backdrop of Chicago’s urban landscape for a comprehensive one-day music video shoot.
  2. Gold Package Shoot Duration: Enjoy up to 6 hours of filming time for your music video production.
  3. Media Exposure: Elevate your presence with a TV Interview and Radio Interview on Urban Grind TV and Urban Grind Radio, providing valuable exposure on multiple platforms.
  4. TV Promotion on Comcast Cable: Benefit from 8 weeks of TV promotion on Comcast Cable in Chicago, ensuring widespread visibility for your music video.
  5. Radio Interview and Campaign: Share your story and insights with a radio interview on Urban Grind Radio, accompanied by a 4-week radio campaign to amplify your reach.
  6. 4K Video Production: Capture every detail in stunning clarity with our high-definition 4K video production services.
  7. Music Video Treatment: Receive expert guidance with a customized music video treatment to bring your vision to life.
  8. Promotional Clips for YouTube: Enhance your online presence with promotional clips tailored for YouTube, maximizing engagement and visibility.
  9. Casting Assistance: Let us assist you in casting extras or securing locations for your music video shoot (casting and location fees not included).

Experience unparalleled creativity and professionalism with the Platinum Music Video Package. Contact us today to bring your music video vision to life in the vibrant city of Chicago.