Premiere Music Video Promotion: Featured on MTV LIVE or RevoltTV


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Introducing our Premium Music Video Airplay Package:

Get ready to take your music video to the next level with our Premium Airplay Package, designed to secure placement on MTV Live or RevoltTV, two of the most prestigious platforms in the industry. Here’s what’s included:

  1. Preparation and Submission: We’ll professionally prep and close caption your music video, ensuring it meets the strict standards of Viacom networks. Then, we’ll submit it for airplay on MTV Live or RevoltTV.
  2. Additional Airplay: Your video will also be submitted to BET Jams for potential airplay on their TV network, expanding your reach even further.
  3. Content Guidelines: To qualify for airplay, your video must have clean audio and adhere to strict content guidelines – no violence, guns, or sexual scenes. Additionally, we’ll need the lyrics written out, along with the name of the album and video director.
  4. Guaranteed Plays: Upon acceptance by the channel, your music video will receive a minimum of 6-12 plays on MTV Live or RevoltTV, providing valuable exposure to a nationwide audience.
  5. Closed Captioning: Your video will be provided with closed captioning, ensuring accessibility to all viewers.
  6. Proof of Copyright Ownership: To proceed with the package, you must provide proof of copyright ownership for your music video.

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your music video on major networks and elevate your music career to new heights. Contact us today at 1-888-380-1913 to learn more and secure your spot on MTV Live or RevoltTV!