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  • The Source
  • This is 50
  • Hip-Hop Weekly
  • One West Magazine
  • Hip Hop Since 1987
  • Elevator
  • Swagger Magazine
  • Now Hip Hop
  • Now Entertainment
  • Los Angeles Tribune
  • Yahoo News
  • All Hip-Hop
  • LA Weekly
  • LA Confidential
  • Influent Magazine
  • Hype Magazine

How It Works:

For a nominal $10 submission fee, you can submit your content for review and submission to one outlet from the list above. Simply specify your outlet choice in the notes section during checkout.

Premium Placement Option:

Looking for guaranteed placement on a specific outlet? For a fee per outlet, you can purchase a placement slot. Indicate your preferred outlet in the notes section during checkout, and our team will contact you with the exact specifications and costs for that outlet. If your purchased slot is not accepted, you’ll have the opportunity to submit for placement on an alternate outlet.

Please Note:

  • No refunds are provided for submission fees.
  • $10 fee per outlet for premium placement.
  • A representative will contact you regarding your selected outlet’s specifications and costs.

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