Award winning video…On March 27th 2022 Forbidden Fruit took home the award for best Hip Hop video at the 4th annual Canadian Independent Music Video Awards! For more ways to follow/support Devious One: This couple was inspired by Bonnie & Clyde, but instead of robbing banks…they kidnap corrupt politicians…. Cuts by Mr. Anderson (YouTube:…) FORBIDDEN FRUIT REMIX BY SWANN FLU MUSIC:… SURVIVAL EP ALSO AVAILABLE:… 2nd single from the EP “Survival” by Devious One of Prospekt Ave. Produced by Swann Flu Music: Instagram: @Swann_reelwolf Cast: Micky (Devious One @DeeveeusWon – Instagram) Khali (Raewynne Lunara @disarraewynne – Instagram) Senator Davis (Swann of Swann Flu Music @Swann_reelwolf – Instagram) Bartender (Khalil Jordon @jokimsjournal – Instagram) Cinematography & post production provided by: @RyanMacintyreFilms (…) Lighting provided by: @Stay_lifted_productions (… ) Survival is a follow up to the World Demise EP…which can be found here: (…)