Rochester has had a great relationship with Urban Grind’s Wally Lockard III for a great period of time. He would do TV Production and focused on local artists in the area, and that is how he became connected with Wally. Rochester said that Wally’s grind was unstoppable and from there, it became a great partnership. 

His genuineness and ability to keep his word were what really drew Rochester to Wally. There was so much effort and hard work put into creating Urband Grind and now Wally has been able to become a blessing to others and support their careers while continuing to further his dream as well. 

Rochester has his own brand, ‘We Lit Fashions’, which allows you to control your fashion through your phone and can be found at Originally started with his family, the business has expanded to selling t-shirts, backpacks, face masks, and much more. 

You can follow Rochester on Instagram @ChiRock773.