@UrbanGrindTV | S20Ep1 Full Episode featuring Law of Huey, DJ Navarris, Danielle Quirky Kitch & more

? Celebrating our 20th Season on Television ? ? Wednesday 11pm Comcast Cable 25 in Chicago on @UrbanGrindTV Watch TV Interviews ? with Law of Huey @thelawofhuey DJ Navarris @djnavarris Danielle from @quirkykitch Mr 3269 @dboy.mr.3269 @UrbanGrindRadio ? interview with Ashleye Armelin @ashleyearmelin Hosted by The Dream Team @DJMh2da @smashcashent @radioraheema312 Television Premiere: Adot New Shit & RMB Justize “Roses”…

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