Free Artist Enrichment Class in Chicago by Next Showcase Chicago Monday November 11th

FREE! Monday, November 11th Doors at 7pm In collaboration with Chicago DCASE, Next Showcase Chicago presents another installment of our Artist Enrichment Class! This class will focus on Songwriting Music Technology Entertainment Business How to create, market, and protect your brand How hip-hop shaped our culture How to get your music placed Moderated by Nosikelive Panelist: Twista Ryan Argst Tommie…

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Angéle Anise on Urban Grind Radio This Week with The Dream Team | @UrbanGrindTV

This weeks in studio guest comes to us courtesy of @markhubbard1015 @nextshowcase ? Angéle Anise @angele_anise  She has an incredible Live Show! Enter Angele Anise: Yankee-Fried Southern Belle, life journeyer born a Sangin, piano-&-ink pen addicted, guitar/bass flirt here now in time to rock you, to free you, to move you, to heal you, all wrapped in her own metallic bow. Fueled by…

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