Frankie Hollywood Rodriguez visited Urban Grind Radio and talked about his development in the business. Originally from New York, Frankie spent time traveling and ended up in Chicago. He credits the city for being his hometown, because of how much it was able to provide him with. While in Chicago, he started out remixing songs […]

Chicago’s very own Kilslo, talked with Urban Grind TV about his career and projects he has coming up in the future. His song, Chi-Town Gangster has over 1 million hits and is still going up to this day. Currently, he is working on videos, printing, and working in studios. He enjoys making t-shirts and gave […]

Rochester has had a great relationship with Urban Grind’s Wally Lockard III for a great period of time. He would do TV Production and focused on local artists in the area, and that is how he became connected with Wally. Rochester said that Wally’s grind was unstoppable and from there, it became a great partnership.  […]

Mobbed Up Models’ Miranda Cruz sat down with Urban Grind Radio to talk about her love for all things beauty and the top 5 people she would give makeovers to. Miranda, originally from Southern Indiana, is currently spending her time living her best life, being positive, and focusing on uplifting others. She is a makeup […]

P Dot joined Urban Grind TV to talk about how she got started in music and the highs and lows of working in the industry. She started taking music seriously around the age of 14 and ever since then, she saw what she was capable of doing. From the same place as Big Sean, Tee  […]

Ruff Ryder’s King Neptune talked to Urban Grind Radio about life after serving, working with vets, and finding motivation. Originally from NY, King Neptune is working on films, production, music, and fashion.  An army vet, King Neptune spent his time serving as a cook, while also working at hospitals and patrolling. His upbringing in Harlem […]

Dayvon “D” Smith, Ruff Ryder Radio’s very own, made an appearance on Urban Grind Radio. The former Marine talked about his experience working with Waah– the CEO of Ruff Ryder Radio, and continuing his career in video and photography.  D is currently Joaquin ‘Waah’ Dean’s personal photographer. It all started when Waah saw the content […]