Chart-Topping Success: iTunes Top 50 Package:

Elevate your music career to unprecedented heights with our iTunes Top 50 Package. This comprehensive offering ensures your single not only charts in the Top 50 on the iTunes Music Charts but also qualifies you for an official iTunes Plaque, commemorating your remarkable achievement. Here’s what’s included:

  1. iTunes Chart Placement: Your single will ascend to the Top 50 on the iTunes Music Charts, garnering widespread recognition and exposing your music to a vast audience of listeners.
  2. iTunes Plaque Qualification: Achieving Top 50 status on the iTunes Charts makes you eligible for an official iTunes Plaque, a tangible symbol of your success and dedication to your craft.
  3. Personalized iTunes Music Plaque: Receive a custom-made iTunes Music Plaque bearing your name and your single’s information, delivered straight to your doorstep as a lasting testament to your accomplishment.
  4. Media Exposure: Seize the spotlight with a TV interview on Urban Grind TV and a radio interview on Urban Grind Radio, allowing you to share your journey and connect with fans on a deeper level.
  5. Radio Promotion: Benefit from one month of strategic radio promotion on Urban Grind Radio, amplifying your reach and generating buzz around your music.
  6. Email Blast: Expand your music’s reach with a targeted email blast featuring your music video, engaging your audience and fostering a loyal fan base.

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