Urban Grind TV recently secured a deal with Universal Music Group’s Ingrooves to launch Urban Grind TV Music Distribution offering distribution to over 150 Stores in over 100 Countries. Urban Grind TV is a 23 x award winning Hip-Hop TV Show and creative agency located in Chicago. Urban Grind TV was founded by Wally Lockard III, an entertainment industry veteran with a background in music, media and management with a passion to create platforms to support creatives and entertainers.

Chicago, IL – Urban Grind TV has been broadcasted on Comcast Cable 25 in Chicago for 24 seasons, each episode featuring a new 58-minute show with music, videos, and interviews with artists and entertainers worldwide. Urban Grind Radio, Urban Grind Lifestyle Magazine, and Urban Grind Artist Management are all parts of the Urban Grind family that focuses on new and innovative ways to champion entertainers to brand themselves and monetize their talent and passion for the arts.

Check out their website: https://rzj.170.myftpupload.com/aboutugtv/ 

Universal Music Group  is a leader in music-based entertainment and provides music publishing, merchandising, and audiovisual content for more than 60 countries. They focus on developing services and platforms for their artists and expanding experiences for fans. Ingrooves is a music distribution company that gives independent labels and artists marketing and rights management services. Not only is Ingrooves a powerful tech platform but they are also data-driven and made up of a team of marketing experts to assist labels and artists in maximizing their revenue potential.

To learn more about Ingrooves, visit their site: https://www.universalmusic.com/label/ingrooves/
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