Frankie Hollywood Rodriguez visited Urban Grind Radio and talked about his development in the business. Originally from New York, Frankie spent time traveling and ended up in Chicago. He credits the city for being his hometown, because of how much it was able to provide him with. While in Chicago, he started out remixing songs for WGCI and then later on to Warner Brother Records. 

Frankie Hollywood Rodriguez in Urban Grind Radio’s studio.

Frankie views music as art and believes that there will always be good music. He stated that the large difference between music now and then is that everyone wants to be their own thing and fit into a specific category. He closed up the show by stating that everyone has moments where they doubt themselves. For him, being surrounded by so much talent led him to do the same. He had to retrain, reinforce and rehire himself to be as successful as he is today. You can follow Frankie Hollywood on Instagram @YoFHR or on Facebook at Frankie Hollywood Rodriguez.