P Dot joined Urban Grind TV to talk about how she got started in music and the highs and lows of working in the industry. She started taking music seriously around the age of 14 and ever since then, she saw what she was capable of doing. From the same place as Big Sean, Tee  Grizzley, and others, P Dot’s passion for music ignited a fire inside of herself and she knew that this was something she wanted to continue developing. 

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As a young female artist, P Dot had to put in a lot of work and become dedicated to the grind to make it in the industry. With music being a male-dominated field, there were times where she had to present herself respectfully. Such as covering up, to not be seen as a sex symbol. Her hard work and perseverance allowed her to make a change in the industry and create a name for herself. 

P Dot can be found on Instagram @PDotMusic or on Facebook at Pamela P- Dot Willis. For all her music, old and new check out her website at www.dotgang.net and tap in!