“I’m 56 years old and I’m the shit!”


Jaz-O, known for being Jay-Z’s mentor, took some time to chop it up with Urban Grind Radio. Also known as ‘The Originator’, he has years of experience and knowledge about the music industry and shared some of his wisdom with the team.

Jaz-O credits Dame Dash on his nickname The Originator. Dash is a well-known and established producer, actor, and director. Jaz-O took Jay-Z under his wing when he was only 15.

When asked about his view on music now versus then, he explains how technology has advanced so much that it makes a large difference in production and the creative aspect of the process. Everything in the process came naturally to him and has allowed him to pave his own path in the industry. 

Vizionary, on Instagram @I_Move_Different, talked with the team about her clothing brand ‘I Move Different’which she created in 2013. She realized that she moved differently from other people– everyone was in the studio doing the same thing, hence the name.

You can purchase gear at www.imovedifferent.com and follow Vizionary @I_Move_Different on Instagram.