Ruff Ryder’s King Neptune talked to Urban Grind Radio about life after serving, working with vets, and finding motivation. Originally from NY, King Neptune is working on films, production, music, and fashion. 

An army vet, King Neptune spent his time serving as a cook, while also working at hospitals and patrolling. His upbringing in Harlem NY helped him adjust to the army lifestyle and he was able to learn how to appreciate different people’s lifestyles and upbringings.

Life after the army required time to adjust to day-to-day life. King Neptune had to find his path again and he met with a psychiatrist who worked with him to get back on the right track. He was able to join groups for support and gain knowledge from other vets. 

Up next, King Neptune has a couple of records coming out and is focused on staying universal with music. You can get in tune with King Neptune on his website www.pinkyhigh.com and on Instagram @KingNeptune_NFE.