S18EP11 The Chicago Bridge Magazine feature on @UrbanGrindTV

18×11 The Chicago Bridge Magazine feature on @UrbanGrindTV I Said It the Poet interviewed DJ MH2da, Sonia Escobar, Joey 2 Cents, John Daniel, and Wally Lockard III for The Chicago Bridge Magazine featuring UGTV on the cover. Check out the video and go grab a copy of Roy Ayers The Chicago Bridge Magazine. http://UrbanGrindTV.com, Urban Grind TV is a National…

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This week on Urban Grind Radio

Weds 3-5pm @hot_97_media & Digital Dope Radio @digitaldoperadio  8-10pm Thurs @southernxsposureradio 3-5pm @1037dabeat 6-8pm + @MaybachRadio 7-9pm CST Friday @Logikradio 12-2pm + @Hoodradioceo 2-4pm + Toronto on @Mixinda6 from 8-10pm  All times are CST. #UGTV  #urbangrindradio #Radio  #Primetyme #MyRadioChicago #Hot97Media #DigitalDopeRadio #MaybachRadio

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SQoot “What It Is” Single on ITunes Commercial

SQoot “What It Is” Single on ITunes Commercial Grab a copy of SQoot’s new single “What It It” right now everywhere music is sold. Click here to buy: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/wha… https://www.amazon.com/What-Explicit-… http://SQootSme.com Commercial by @UrbanGrindTV

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UGTV 18×12 Jay Shields x UGTV | The Midwest Fest:Memphis Edition Cypher Ep. 1

FULL EPISODE: Urban Grind TV Season 18 Episode 12 Jay Shields x Urban Grind TV Present The Midwest Fest: Memphis Edition Cypher Episode 1 featuring M.O.B. The Badfella, Mike Lawry Baby, Heart Br8k Rebel, DJ MH2Da, Mr. Mane, Ty Gemini, Rus T Blade, Hard D. Hosted by: Rus T Blade, DJ Mh2da, Wild Smash Cash

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